Acting Together

Acting Together


The solution We have, thus, been able to develop fifteen selection programs that integrate all or part of Humans Matter’s know-how: Behavioral evaluations based on interactions with  virtual characters  via instant messaging and  interactive dialogues. Cognitive measurements (attention, working memory, logic, etc.) through tests based on scientific/medical protocols. Evaluation of motivation and communication skills through […]

Quest for meaning

The solution This program demonstrated our ability to talk to each other and our willingness to understand each other regardless of the site, the team, or the job. This reveals the strength of our collective. A participant in the “Meaning” project At the end of these three cycles, the entire management community met to share […]


The solution To achieve this, we use several levers throughout the training program. First of all, a digital space on Miro to facilitate the practical application of each participant and prepare the scenarios proposed in each module. It is accompanied by conversations and contributions on Teams. Each participant has the opportunity to evolve individually and […]

Total Carbon Quest

The solution « Créer un parcours d’apprentissage réussi avec le design cognitif » est une formation Humans Matter. Découvrez-la sur le Store. En savoir plus

Orano Link

The solution A training course based on this project is available. Ask us about it! Read more Humans Matter has been working with us for a long time on various managerial issues and knows Orano’s culture as well as our technical constraints. Director of the Orano Management School In the same way, and in order […]

Air France

The solution Pepco is a Humans Matter product. Ask us about it! Contact us This program integrates both the scientific reliability required by Air France (air transport belongs to the “ultra-safe environments” industries that aim for zero risk) and the necessary technical reliability: volume and control of simultaneous connections, software compatible with all systems, hosting […]


The solution The idea was conceived to address two age-related issues. First, the discomfort and deterioration of the intestinal flora. This is why we offer a range of adapted products. But we also want to respond to the problem of isolation and therefore the lack of enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to preparing meals. […]


We cannot transform our customer experience without transforming ourselves, what we do, how we do it; otherwise the customer always ends up seeing through it. Humans Matter helps us design collaborative experiences for our customers. Sophie Delafontaine – Longchamp Artistic Director The solution


HappyNeuron Pro is a Humans Matter product. Read more The solution The introduction of a software allowing cognitive stimulation was a subject of transformation in how researchers made use of digital softwares,which required specific support. Training sessions were therefore offered to the business experts in order to facilitate the handling and optimization of the solution. […]

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